About Us

New Roots is unique in that every client will receive fitness expertise, nutrition coaching, behavior change services and individualized support specific to the risk factors affecting their health. Best of all? You will be working with a cardiac professional and personal trainer specializing in fitness, nutrition, weight loss and behavior change. And when you aren't working together, you'll still have access to them through a simple phone call, online or mobile message.


We felt there was a gap between traditional health professionals, and well-meaning people working to improve their health but not seeing much progress. People have grown tired of having the far-too-quick appointment where many of their questions are left unanswered and they are left knowing they need to make a change but not knowing what that change needs to be. They are even more frustrated by the difficulty they have trying to reach said health professionals. We aim to fill the gap. 

New Roots is led by two values: Accessibility and Sustainability.

What that means for you: You will be able to create changes to your health and weight that last the rest of your life, in an inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere, while staying within your financial means.




We work with anyone that has at least two of the following risk factors:

  • Blood pressure: 130/85 or higher

  • Cholesterol

    •  "Good" HDL Cholesterol: women less than 50, men less than 40

    •  "Bad" LDL Cholesterol: 130+

    •  Triglycerides: 150+

  • Blood sugar: A1C test result of 5.7+, or considered to be prediabetic or diabetic

  • Waist line: 35+ inches for women, 40+ inches for men

  • Inactive lifestyle

  • Considered to be obese

  • History of heart disease or any cardiac events

  • History of stroke


Private or Paired Fitness Coaching

Behavior Change & Skill Building

Educational Workshops

Access to a Strong Community