Behavior Change

The behavior change portion of the program includes both self-reflective activities and hands-on techniques. This might include psychosocial management, stress management and meditative guidance, among other things. We have a few goals here: to actively work towards 1) better understanding your personal motivations, 2) deconstructing your mental and emotional barriers (including that little voice in the back of your head that isn't really convinced you're going to succeed), and 3) altering your relationship and attitude towards activity, food and yourself. 

We take a very positive approach in our program. Rather than dissecting all of your actions with "no, won't, don't, can't", we try to understand why you may have developed the deeply ingrained habits and mentalities you hold so that we can get to the root of how to change that behavior and way of thinking.


We gain perspective of the underlying issues in order to understand the behavior it produces. Then we work on developing different habits and perspectives so that with time they become second nature, replacing the old habits with healthier and more positive ones. That is the key to sustainable change.

After all, the physical changes you'll experience (improved health and weight loss) are just side effects of the mental and emotional transformations you'll go through in the behavior change portion of the program.