Nutrition Coaching

What we don't do

At New Roots, we don't give you a meal plan. That's a temporary fix to help someone lose weight, but 1) it doesn't teach you how to continue on your own long-term and 2) it doesn't ingrain those habits so they become second-nature.

We're also not going to make you eat broccoli every night or give up cake. How many times have you been on a strict diet for days, "slip up" on day 3, and then go back to your typical eating habits day 4? We're tired of the same old story. Restricted diets aren't sustainable.

What we do

This takes a lot of different forms. It will involve hands-on activities to practice skills like cooking together in a demo kitchen, touring the grocery store together while mock grocery shopping, peaking into your personal pantry, among other things. It typically also involves a lot of education about foods, what your dietary choices and cravings mean, spotting the food industry's sneaky marketing tactics, making eating healthy an easy choice, etc.


More than anything else, we'll be working through changing your mentality towards food, embracing a steady, consistently healthy diet rather than the all-or-nothing diets, and learning to forgive yourself when you eat more than you planned. Every nutrition-based discussion and activity will center around your risk factors, dietary needs and personal goals.

Woman Cooking in Kitchen