Our Trainer


Lindsey Cerria


Fitness, Nutrition & Behavior Change Specialist

Lindsey Cerria, MS, CPT, BCS, WLC, CNC ​

New Roots: Hands On Health, Founder

Lindsey has been a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine for several years and has 8 years of health and wellness leadership under her belt. She has earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Ursinus College and her Masters of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania. She has been a member of Psi Chi, the international honor society of psychology, since 2014.

After moving to Oregon Lindsey became a cardiac professional for Salem Health Hospital, where her primary responsibility is to provide patients with the education, guided therapeutic activities and risk-reduction techniques necessary to achieve and maintain wellness, while improving overall quality of life. Having worked with patients recovering from cardiac events, many of whom had experienced more than one over the past few years, opened her eyes to a few unfortunate truths:

1) Most patients experience health complications largely because of their lifestyle choices

2) Many patients have tried (unsuccessfully) to make a change in their habits several times

3) Many people trying to make a meaningful change leave their health professional's office more confused than they were originally

4) Too many programs offer an expensive and strict exercise and meal plan that leaves you hungry, bored, stressed, and with no idea how to maintain or continue your progress after completing it

5) There are VERY few resources that both educate people and foster their health skills in the environments that they actually need to use them

This insight gave her a deeper appreciation for prevention and the desire to improve access to health education and behavior change resources for those that desired change but needed some guidance. Deciding to take action, she went on to earn her behavior change specialist, weight loss and nutrition coach certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As Lindsey's focus began to shift from rehabilitation to prevention she developed New Roots, an option that filled in the gaps of the current system.

New Roots: Hands On Health was founded on the notion that health should be both accessible and sustainable. The physical changes our clients accomplish are just a side effect of the mental and emotional transformations that they undergo through the work they and the trainer do together. She values collaboration, individuality, having a “voice”, and making the opportunity to reach out for help very accessible, which is why New Root's program is so focused on collaboration between trainer and client.