We value transparency. So we've got nothing to hide when it comes to our pricing.


We offer two types of training sessions: private and paired.

We recommend the paired session, as it will be more financially accessible for each person while allowing you to have a friend, family member, partner or coworker to share the experience with.

Interested in the paired session but don't have a friend that's ready for change? We'd be happy to add you to our paired session waitlist, and will match you with another client when they express interest in the paired training option.


Private: $30/session

Paired: $25/session per person

Sessions are typically packaged in either 8 session or 12 session increments, which is about 1-1.5 month's worth. New Roots does not offer a package with less than 8 sessions because our number one goal is sustainable change. While you will learn a lot of great information in the first few sessions, it will not be enough time to deconstruct old habits and let new habits become second nature. If you are only looking to workout with a personal trainer for a few sessions, New Roots is not the program for you.


Clients will meet with their trainer 2-3 times weekly. We do not offer our services any less or more frequently, as we need to meet often enough to be consistent with newly developing habits and work through adversity as you experience it (rather than a week later), but not so often that you will remain dependent on the trainer or feel as if you're not capable of succeeding on your own by the end of the program.

We realize people travel, have hectic schedules, and have work and family obligations. We're reasonable, and more than willing to work with you around these as they come up.


Able to fund the package in one payment? Great.

Need something a little more forgiving? No problem.

New Roots allows you to break up your total into a manageable weekly payment, costing about the same it would to fill your car's tank with gas. See a sample payment plan below.





















No refunds are permitted for the sale of services. All sales are final. Monetary amounts paid for New Roots: Hands On Health’s services must be used within one year from the date of sale by the original purchaser only. If a payment plan is used, the agreed upon dues will be charged to the client on the agreed upon days as written in the payment plan, regardless of whether the purchaser has been attending the sessions or not. In the case that a payment plan is used but the purchaser has not been attending their sessions, the purchaser will still have one year from the date of purchase to use them.

Paired, 12 sessions, 3x weekly

     Su     M   Tu     W   Th     F     Sa    Dues    Time              NR           NR          NR             75   3 hr  

            NR           NR          NR             75   3 hr

            NR           NR          NR             75   3 hr                NR           NR          NR             75   3 hr     

     Su     M   Tu     W   Th     F     Sa    Dues    Time

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr

                    NR                   NR            50   2 hr


Paired, 12 sessions, 2x weekly