Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Health.


No more sitting in an office getting health advice from across a desk.

No more appointments that are too short but cost too much.

No more trainers' fees whose results don't last.

No more conversations about what you need to change that only end up leaving you more confused than when you walked in.

We don't believe in sitting across a desk from you and discussing the ways you need to improve your health. We believe in working together. We believe in walking with you, side-by-side, into a grocery store, kitchen, fitness facility, yoga studio, park and/or local community resource.


We focus on actively developing hands-on skills to improve your health, in the environments that you will actually need to use those skills. That means actively working to improve your knowledge, practical skills and confidence around the topics of nutrition, physical activity and mental and/or emotional obstacles.

We will explore any area of health or recreation that you personally are interested in. We believe in creating changes to your lifestyle that fit you, not changing who you are in order to achieve a certain lifestyle. Things are only sustainable if 1) they are good for you and 2) you enjoy them. What you enjoy doing, you will continue doing, and therefore any goal we work towards together will be something you love. 

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Our Trainer

Lindsey Cerria


Fitness, Nutrition & Behavior Change Specialist

720,000 people will have a heart attack this year.
Almost 40% of them will experience another one next year because they need help adopting a healthier lifestyle, but don't seek it out.

The 3 common reasons may (or may not) surprise you. They include:

  1. Being nervous that exerting yourself may cause or exacerbate a health issue

  2. Thinking that old habits are ingrained too deeply to experience real, lasting change (read: "this is how I've always been and how I'll always be")

  3. Not knowing where or how to start


These are all valid concerns. We strive to be the answer. Let us provide you with the opportunity and community to overcome all of these obstacles and more. Let us show you what you're capable of.

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We understand, this is a big step to take and it can feel pretty intimidating. A consultation is just an informal meet and greet so that you have a better idea of what exactly it is we do and why working with us will change your life.

Thousands have changed the direction of their health before you and thousands will do it after you: you are just as capable of success. When you're ready, we'll be here eager to help!