Our program focuses on three separate, but interrelated, components of health that when used together will allow you to improve your health conditions, lose excess weight and better manage your risk factors for obesity, metabolic syndrome and heart disease. Gohner, W., et al (2012) researched the effectiveness of such programs by examining peoples' habits two years after having completed similar behavior change programs. They found that, even two years after completing the program, people continued to lose weight and were maintaining their exercise habits and healthy eating habits.

We politely decline requests to exclude any of these components, as it would be a disservice to our clients and their success to do so. However, we are very willing to be creative in the work we do together so that you get what you are hoping to out of the experience. Click the buttons below to learn more about each service.

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During our sessions, you are allowed free access to Pursue Fitness's facility and equipment- even if you are not currently a member!